History Conference March 2-3, 2018, Seattle

From ARMISTICE to AMAZON :  A Century of Transformations

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Volunteers needed!

Volunteers are needed for the reception event on the evening of Friday March 2, 2018 (at the Folio Library) and the day of the conference on Saturday March 2, 2018 (at the downtown Seattle Public Library). For more information please contact us at pacificnwhistoriansguild@gmail.com or read further to learn more about the conference and the Guild.

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for presentations. An initial program has been worked out and submitters will soon have a response. Many fine proposals were received and an exciting day of presentations will cover a wide range of topics.

The conference theme “From Armistice to Amazon: A Century of Transformations,” addresses the profound changes this region has experienced between 1918 and 2018.

Presentations on the effects of both World Wars, Native rights issues, labor strife, neighborhood preservation, non-violence, inclusive archives management, and a high-level view of regional development are among the many topics covered. We look forward to seeing you.

The conference on March 3, 2018 is free, but program attendees are encouraged to consider becoming members of the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild.

The Pacific Northwest Historians Guild brings together scholars and public historians, professional and amateur, concerned with the study and dissemination of regional history. Founded in November 1980, the Guild fosters teaching and appreciation of Northwest history and promotes communication among regional historians.

For more information please contact us at pacificnwhistoriansguild@gmail.com

Free Registration /Lunch Purchase