The Pacific Northwest Historians Guild brings together scholars concerned with the study and dissemination of regional history. Founded in Nov. 1980, the Guild fosters teaching and appreciation of Northwest history and promotes communication among regional historians.



The Pacific Northwest Historians Guild was organized in 1980 and held its founding meeting on the University of Washington campus that autumn. In 1983, the Guild hosted the first of many annual conferences in Seattle. They have been held most years since then. Programs for the Guild Conferences since 2000. Beginning in 1986, the Guild has also given the Pacific Northwest History Award in recognition of significant achievement in the service of advancing regional history.

Mission Statement

The Pacific Northwest Historians Guild is an organization of scholars concerned with the study and dissemination of regional history. Founded in November 1980, the Guild seeks to promote the following goals and activities:

  • To increase the opportunities and means for research, writing, and publication of Pacific Northwest history;
  • To provide consulting and referral services in history to private and public groups, businesses, and individuals;
  • To encourage the collection, preservation, and presentation of historical materials;
  • To improve the standards of museums, libraries, schools, and archives;
  • To foster the teaching and appreciation of history in the schools; and
  • To promote communication among regional historians.

In pursuit of these goals, the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild provides a forum for its members to exchange ideas in an informal setting. Its newsletter helps members keep in touch with each other. The Guild sponsors lectures, programs, and an annual spring conference to publicize regional events and promote historical scholarship.

Membership in the Guild is open to individuals and organizations interested in the history of the Pacific Northwest. The list of Guild members indicates the diversity in occupations, interests, areas of expertise, and publications.

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